"OpTIC provided such a wonderfully rich performing experience for me without having to leave Chicago’Ķwith well-rounded musical training’ĶI am very much looking forward to returning to OpTIC for a second summer!"

~Sara Litchfield


"The Opera Training Institute of Chicago is one of the strongest summer programs in existence because of its personal attention to every singer in scene choice and coachings, academic classes, and master classes’ĶDo OpTIC, learn to allow yourself to think you’Äôre talented, and always growing, always changing, always getting better, with the help of these intelligent, kind, serious artists."

~Julie Silver


"Tracy Watson is a very caring and passionate voice teacher. I have never met a teacher with so many visual tricks for teaching vocal technique. Her expansive knowledge of vocal pedagogy and anatomy makes her explanations of vocal technique so tangible. She has a positive and upbeat personality that never lets you down. When you have a recital or audition coming up, she is your biggest fan. She is also up-to-date with the performing world of today because she is a highly sought after soloist. She routinely holds masterclasses so her students have more performing opportunities in front of an audience. She is also one of the most supportive teachers I know. I had to have vocal therapy in order to correct a gap in my range and she was able to recommend the best doctors for the job. She also gave me the personal attention I needed during our lessons by designing and adjusting vocal warm-ups that supplemented the doctors' suggested exercises. I have the deepest trust in her skills as an instructor, and she is always the first teacher I recommend to anyone."

~Natalie Hatch (vocal student of Tracy Watson for four years)


"I've worked with Tracy for several years, and am always astounded with her knowledge of the voice--her technical understanding of the voice is impeccable, and I've never experienced a teacher with such a diverse "arsenal" of teaching methods. She acknowledges that every student is unique, and tailors her teaching to best suit the needs of each student. And I can safely say Tracy has one of the most beautiful and expressive mezzo-soprano voices I've ever heard, and the technique she passes on to her students helps them infuse their own singing with emotion and communication.

Both Tracy and Bill draw on a plethora of experience and ideas in their masterclasses, which are an ideal way to get constuctive feedback in an intimate and nurturing setting. I would encourage anyone wanting to try out new repertoire or get a second (and third!) opinion about their performing to participate in one of their classes."

~Brad Jungwirth


"Tracy and Bill Watson are a refreshing change from the 'typical' college voice teacher most students find. They approach any vocal problems head-on, and do not put "band-aids" over any issues, that will later resurface after graduation. They give the singer the tools for a long, successful career, so they are able to fix thier problems themselves upon hearing them, rather than being dependant on thier teacher for constant physical and emotional reassurance. They have an extensive knowledge of the singers formants, the vocal anatomy, and the general inner-workings of the voice at all ages. I've studied with Tracy for 6 years now. I went to her as a graduate student, singing the completely WRONG music for my voice. She slowly and comfortably guided me to the correct place for my voice, and and I can now proudly say that I'm a steadily working opera singer, with much thanks to her. I've also had a lesson or two with Bill, and he is equally knowledgable in all fields. Together they make an amazing, powerful team of genius. Anyone who seriously wants to see thier potantial and is ready to make the leap to a serious performer should look no further than these two."

~Corinne Wallace


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